Cafe Degas Cookbook


Cafe Degas Cookbook (Paperback)
By Troy Gilbert with Jerry Edgar & Jacques Soulas
ISBN-13: 9781589807662
Availability: Released January 24, 2011
Published: Pelican Publishing

When it comes to French bistro fare, Cafe Degas offers the creme de la creme. Nestled in a historic neighborhood, under the oaks of Esplanade Avenue, the renowned establishment provides guests with a true New Orleans experience, away from the French Quarter. An inviting atmosphere upon arrival and an outdoor courtyard lends it an open feel. Eclectic, yet elegant, Cafe Degas possesses a certain flair that sets it apart from other restaurants in the city, making it a favorite among locals and visitors alike. The pleasant ambiance of Cafe Degas allows diners to enjoy the exceptional cuisine offered on the menu. This beautifully illustrated collection of recipes presents a sampling of the restaurant’s best creations. Selections include such appetizers as La Gratinee d’Oignons (Onion Soup) and Steamed Degas Mussels while the main dishes range from Scallops with Smoked Tomato Butter and Crawfish Remoulade to Chicken Basquaise. The cookbook also contains a section on savory desserts and refreshing cocktails. Whether a professional chef or an amateur cook, readers can attempt an extravagant main course or a simple appetizer-amuses-bouche-perfect for a Sunday brunch. Along with exceptional artwork from owner Jacques Soulas, appetite-inducing photographs offer a hint of the flavors and aroma emanating from each delicious dish.

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